2017 Hunter Education - Thank you for your support

The latest Hunter Education class has wrapped up and had 35 or 100% of the students passed the course. Great job!!!!!!!!
We would like to thank
Medicine Hat College / Brooks Campus - for the class room for our evening classes
Brooks Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club - For providing our field day location
Spraggs, Rosemary Meat Shop - for providing lunch for everyone on our field day.
Also the numerous volunteers that stepped up to make this a fun and successful class
Pete and Patty Green
Joyce Maitland
Rick and Donna Martin
Wade Oliver
Jordan Johnson
Jonathan Pool
Kerry Douglas
Adam Fry
Justin Fry
Carson McCormick
Dan Buell
Dennis Houston
Brian Peers
Chad Williams
Bill Marshall
Fracesco Machet
Ed and Colleen Piper
Ariel Madrid
Pat and Carol Snow
Amanda Gillard
Rod Svenson
Ron Williams
Thank you for all your support and dedication.

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