BFGA Rifle Range Rules

1. This range is open to members and non-local guests only.

2. Non-local guests will at all times be accompanied by and under the supervision of the member who brought them.

3. The first person to arrive at range will activate the "OPEN" sign and put up the

4. The last person to leave the range will lower the flag and activate the "CLOSED"

5. Users of the range must sign in and must display their membership card if asked by another member while at this range.

6. Users of this range will re-lock the gate upon entering and leaving the range.

7. If two or more shooters present one must act as the Range Officer.

8. The Range Officer has complete authority of the range operation and property.

9. Only paper targets attached to the target boards within the target shelters are permitted on this range. Brooks & District Fish & Game may supply specialized targets.

10. Brooks & District Fish & Game has supplied steel gong targets at some of the backstops. Only the disk/gong may be shot at. Shooting the housing or hanger is
not permitted.

11. Shooting at explosive targets, clay pigeons, cans, glass, rocks, steel plates or
any other non-paper targets is not permitted.

12. Only the designated target maybe shot at from each shooting station. Shooting
across this range or across another shooting lane is not permitted.

13. Shooting the uprights/target board supports is not permitted.

14. This range is sanctioned for non-restricted firearms and restricted rifles ONLY.

15. Shotguns may only be used for sighting in or patterning purposes. Skeet, trap or sporting clays shooting is not permitted.

16. This range is not sanctioned for any firearm discharging .50 caliber BMG

17. The discharge of tracer ammunition/bullets is not permitted.

18. Shooting before sun rise or after sun set is not permitted at this range.

19. Shooters under the influence of mind-altering substances or liquor are not
permitted on this range.

20. The wearing of hearing and eye protection is recommended.

21. Any persons involved in or knowing of a shooting incident involving injury or
property damage shall immediately report it to the RCMP and a Range Operations Representative

22. Violation of any of these rules may result in the suspension of range privileges
and/or the permanent loss of membership


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