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Its that time of year that the Annual Hunter Education Course is held. Below is all the information to get set up into this great course

Brooks and District, Fish and Game Association

Annual Hunter Education Course

February 21 - April 11, 2018  Held Wednesday Evenings

This course is for first time hunters to obtain their hunting license(s) as required in Alberta

Cost is $40.00

Contact Alisha Johnson at (403)363-4443

Ask not what BFGA can do for you, but what you can do for BFGA !!!!!

All jokes aside. Our 2018 BFGA Annual General meeting is coming up on January 16 2018 and at this time we will be looking for volunteers to help with the BFGA.

These roles that need to be filled for 2018 are an integral part of having a successful club and to continue the events that occur from it. Without the BFGA committee we would not be able to have things such as the Rifle Range, Brooks Gun Show, Annual Awards Banquet, Kids Field days, Hunter Education, etc. These are just a few of the items that are completed all by the Volunteers of the BFGA and often times by a select few.  As volunteers become fewer and fewer, these activities and events take a heavier toll on a few READ MORE...

The BFGA Executive, has been putting out notices that the Annual Awards Night (enjoyed by many) is still looking for an organizer and additional volunteers. The BFGA is run completely on volunteers and all our great events are as well.

In order to have a Annual Awards night we will need some one to take the task on of the Organizer.

If you may be interested please contact Dan Buell

JBS Canada Centre, Main Floor, CHANDOS Multipurpose Room

323 1st Street East, Brooks, AB

Topics include:

Elections for Executive and Chair Positions

Sproule Foodplot

BFGA Website

The 2017 BFGA Photo contest begins now!!!!!

Submission Dates:  November 13 2017 to December 17 2017


To enter the 2017 BFGA photo contest, post your best pictures

The next general meeting will be held on December 5 2017. Watch for the location to be announced closer to the date.

Our next regular meeting is next Tuesday (Oct 17) 7pm in the Boardroom at the Eastern Irrigation District office in Brooks.

550 Industrial Road W


Putting out a second call for volunteers for the gun show (Oct 28/29 at the JBS Canada Center)!


1) We need lots of people to set up and arrange the tables from roughly 10am - 3pm on Friday Oct. 27. If we have as much help as last year we could start at 12.  

2) We need people to work the door/admission table from 10am - 3pm Sunday (Oct 29). If there is enough interest I can split it into 1/2 day shifts. Admission table consists of READ MORE...



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