One Mans Legacy

As so many others, I grew up in a divorced parents house hold. I did not have a man or father figure around to teach me the art of fishing or to provide me the skills to hunt or survive in the wild. This was not a huge deal as I did not know what I was missing, in such that you do not know what you don't know.

17 years ago I met my wife in high school and as many have experienced, her father did not like me a whole bunch. I was a young man looking to steal away his little girl and was probably up to no good. As a short amount of time passed, I slowly gained his trust and as time went on he seen I was not there to just take away his daughter. At this point he started to open up to me and show me the things he had enjoyed teaching and showing his children.

My Father in Law loves the Badlands and Cypress Hills Area, he has worked around the area many times over the years. He has a number of fishing spots, camping locations, etc. in the area and so naturally this is the area I started fishing. I can remember it very clear, going to Drumheller for the day with my wife (then girlfriend), her Mother and her Step Father (we all refer to him as her father). This was the first time I had ever been to Drumheller and was amazed at the sights we seen and to find out this was in my own backyard and have never experienced it had shocked me. On our way out of Drumheller we stopped at a little fishing pond on Highway 9. He had shown me the area and that he has fished there a number of times for Rainbow Trout. This trip sparked my interest in getting back to the area to go hiking in the canyons and to try my hand at fishing.

The following weekend we set up a day to return to this small pond and fish for trout. Not knowing anything about fishing I had purchased a small collapsible Coleman closed face fishing rod complete with the useless jigs that end up in the bottom of every fishing tackle box. The father in law set up my rod with a rig and placed half a worm on each hook of the rig.  You couldn’t have picked a better day to introduce someone to fishing, we started catching fish one after the other on each rod. As one was reeling in a fish the other rod would be shaking letting us know we have another. Being a typical city kid I naturally didn’t want to touch the fish and so the father in law had an extremely busy fishing day. He had to manage watching me reel in my hooks, try getting the fish off my rod and reeling in his hooks and removing his fish etc. You would think this would have caused him to tell me to suck it up and get those fish off myself, he never once did this. He kept his patience with me on this item and I naturally developed the need to do this task myself.

This one fishing trip made a city kid with no outdoor experience get hooked (no pun intended) on getting outdoors and created an urge to start fishing. I didn’t know it yet, but this was the start of a hobby that was going to be passed down to generations. He now has 3 grown children their spouses and 5 Grandchildren that enjoy spending family time out fishing, camping and being outdoors. This has become a hobby that has been passed through the family and I am sure this will become one man’s greatest legacy.

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